Youth For Equality - Meerut Chapter

Monday, July 17, 2006

YFE Meeting held

A meeting was organised by YFE Meerut today.
YFE constitution was read & YFE members decided unanimously to carry forward the membership drive.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Success of ONE SIGN-ONE COIN campaign!

"ONE SIGN ONE COIN-SAVE THE NATION" campaign led by Youth for Equality was a great success in MEERUT city.
YFE Members from LLRM Medical college went to various places in the city in last 3 days & motivated people to come forward & raise voice against government's reservation policy.

We got signatures from:
  • MPS
  • MPGS
  • ST. MARY'S
  • ST. JOHN'S
  • A DEBATE was also orginised by GURU TEGH BAHADUR students on our request in which we addressed the students and they actively participated in it.
  • V5D
  • C DOT
  • PVS
  • Abulane
  • Begum Pul
  • Sadar
  • Central Mkt etc.

    a GRAND TOTAL OF 14,500 Signatures in 3 days!!!

    Give us your support and feedback.
    Contact us


Karan & Puneet

Friday, July 07, 2006


Dear Friends,Here's an initiative of Youth for Equality (Y4E or YFE).
This campaign was started by YFE-DU, and is now reaching all corners of the country.Our aim here is to affect the government politically. Then is when there will be enough pressure on them to STOP their CASTE-BASED DIVISIVE ACTIVITIES. We want to produce before the President and the Government more than 1 CRORE signatures. You will be aware that 1 CRORE is a good enough electorate to swing election results.
We want to make it LOUD AND CLEAR to our politicians- if you try to DIVIDE us, YOU WILL HAVE TO SUFFER.WHAT CAN YOU DO??-----------------You can work on YFE's behalf- in your office, your school/ institute, your home and locality, on the streets, in the malls, in family gatherings, in a public parties, and other places to GET AS MANY SIGNATURES AS POSSIBLE, and AT THE EARLIEST!!
HOW CAN YOU DO IT??-------------------
1) Download the PDF file ONE-SIGN-ONE-COIN-SAVE-THE-NATION.pdf
2) Read the Instructions (pages 1 to 2) carefully and print the signature forms back-to-back (English- pages 3 to 4, Hindi- pages 5 to 6)2) Xerox to make multiple copies
3) Pass on the copies to your friends and relatives
4) Go ahead and talk to people about why we need to curb the government's divisive policies, assert our desire to live as a united nation, and GET THEIR SIGNATURES (The previously mandatory requirement for 1 Rupee has now been waived- the phrase "one coin" stays as a symbolic)
5) Collect the forms from your friends too
Send all the signed forms to Mr.Amit Singh (YFE-DU), 73 Jubillee Hall,University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, Mobile- 9891450948, preferably by courier/ express mail.
7) Forward this email to all your friends to SPREAD THE MOVEMENT like WILD FIRE.Let's step forward and seize our RIGHT TO EQUALITY.

Central Lawns inspires again- AIIMS back on strike

The AIIMS RDA has gone on strike to protest the sacking of AIIMS Director Dr P Venugopal, a renowned cardiac surgeon of the country. The sacking clearly smells of political machinations by Ramadoss, the Health Minister, who has been meddeling with the internal matters of an autonomous institution like AIIMS.Other medical colleges of Delhi will observe a token strike of 24 hours this Thursday in support of AIIMS. Supportive calls poured in from Chandigarh, Shimla, MP, Maharashtra, Bangalore and UP (UP was speaking from YFE's State Meet on July 5 in Kanpur which had met to discuss the second phase of the agitation) asking AIIMS to make a Nation-wide call for Medical strikes. The states said they were ready to go on strike anytime. AIIMS RDA has reserved its decision on this issue.

YFE's JNU chapter brings to you some photographs from the Central Lawns-

It is sad that the UPA government is using such downrightly rotten methods to implement political control in autonomous institutions. The ACADEMIC COMMUNITY should wake up!! What is happening in AIIMS can soon become a national reality- politicians armtwisting autonomous institutions for their own selfish motives!!It is a matter of shame that the UPA government is leaving no stone unturned to harass people who have had any (real or presumed) role in challenging the divisive policies of the government. The UPA government had also tried to punish the doctors by cutting their salary. This decision was overturned by the Honourable Supreme Court on July 5. The Honourable Supreme Court has also struck down the Andhra Government's 5% communal quota for Muslims.

Friday, June 23, 2006

National Charter of Demands

Regarding current proposal to increase reservation in Central government institutions/examinations and Private Sector

1. Total Roll-back of the proposed legislation to increase the reservation percentage in central government institutions and central examinations
2. No additional quota but affirmative action in form of strengthening educational infrastructure and financial help to uplift the downtrodden and backward sections.
3. Apolitical commission to review the complete reservation policy and the current proposal to be kept in abeyance till then.
4. No reservation in the private sector
5. No action of any nature should be taken against students, interns, doctors and others who participated in the agitation with regards to service break, termination, pay and leave deduction, legal action, attendance, internal assessment etc.

Review of the already existing Reservation Policy
1. Apolitical review of the overall reservation policy by a committee of intellectuals, knowledge bodies, industrialists etc.
2. A white paper on reservation issue.
3. Fix a time frame for quota to become zero through gradual reduction in quota by 2% per annum.
4. Benefits of reservation to be given on once in a lifetime basis and for one generation.
5. Expert commission’s report should be binding on both central and state governments.
6. Reserved seats and job vacancies which are left due to non-availability of reserved category candidates should be filled by other available and eligible candidates.

Alternatives to the reservation policy
1. Including the right to education as fundamental right and state must be accountable in case of failure
2. Greater emphasis on primary and secondary education

Sunday, June 18, 2006

After 1857,
It was summer-2006
when the students raised voice against one of the biggest curse to the Nation……………….

1. May 1 : Medical students move on street
Hundreds of students of LLRM Medical college join the anti-quota stir by holding the peaceful rally under the banner of YFE from main gate of college to the D.M.Office.They submitted a memorandum (addressed to Honorable President of INDIAN REPUBLIC) to DM and protested in Collectorate. They protested by polishing shoes in an attempt to snatch the attraction of the government and the local public.

2. May 2-14 : Mass mobilization
As an attempt to intensify our movement and to make the agitation widespread, the students of medical college went to almost all the institutes of Meerut city viz:CCS University, Meerut degree college, Subharti medical college, R.G.Eng college; we got a big support from all of them meanwhile in Delhi “the chief comrades”were making the strategy .

3. May 15: Candle Light Vigil
On the eve of May 15 a big candle light vigil was organized in protest of the misconduct on the part of Govt of India in form of Lathi Charge on the peacefully demonstrating medical students in Mumbai against the proposed hike of 27% OBC reservation.
About 250 students gathered in the college lawn taking enlightened candles and various posters and banners opposing reservation and proceeded towards the Tejgarhi four way. Students tied black ribbons on their arms and peacefully marched to gather again at various places before finally placing their burning candles on road giving a shape of slogan wording, ‘ARJUN SINGH HYE HYE’. We got good public support and the event was broadly covered by newspapers and news channels. ZEE News and Sahara samay telecasted the clippings within an hourof the event.

4. May 16:Medical students swept the road
At 10 a.m medical students swept the road in a symbolic protest in the college campus.Shouting slogans against the cast based reservation, the students reached the main gate of the hospital and swept there.The message behind was to seek the attention of general public towards the insecure future of the general candidates if the reservation prevails.Other social organizations viz: Kayastha mahasabha,Brahmin mahasabha,Kshatriya mahasabha,Vyapar mandal,Bar association joined the movement and together we decided to continue performing such activities in city everyday at various places.

5. May 17 :Cleaning the vehicles in Abu Lane
In the series of the nationwide protests, medical stud ents held a demonstrations at the Abu Lane, the heart of city and cleaned the vehicles and urged the people to come forward against this Divide And Rule policy.We also distributed the pamphlets appealing the public to come forward in the support to save their self esteem and add a stone in the foundation of the nation.Indian medical association(Meerut branch) also joined our movement.

6. May 19 : Token strike against brutality
Token strike by Resident doctors of LLRM Medical college for 1 day against the brutality shown by the police in Delhi.All medical services including OPD, I.T,Ward,O.T remained paralysed.

The doctors assembled in front of hospital and took oath “Not to vote any govt that is not taking any step in the direction of shrinking the reservation and must vote only to that govt which wont work in the promotion but in the shrinkage of the reservations”
Funeral procession of HRD Minister,Arjun Singh on the streets was done.this was the time when all doctors and students were collected together.

7. May 20: Join in Delhi
About 120 students(Maximum number of non-Delhites) of LLRMMC, Meerut joined
the Maha-Rally (Delhi Chalo) from MAMC to Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

Meerut Band by IMA
Expressing solidarity with students, the IMA, IDA, Nursing Homes associations etc
jointly called for complete Meerut Band on this day. Health services got paralyzed
in city.
IMA also organized a Protest march in the meerut city which included all the private
physicians ,hospital-staff,medical and paramedical staff.

8. May 24 :Indefinite Hunger strike
Studens of LLRM Meical college sarted hunger strike in the college campus in front of Administrative Block.18 volunteers started the indefinite hunger strike and continued it for almost 52 hrs.

About 100 students from Subharati Institute of medical sciences(SIMS),Meerut came forward in support of the hunger strike.Representatives from IMA,University,Bar association,Engineering colleges and other organizations visited the hunger strike venue and assured their support.
Indefinite “oath campaign” started against all political parties supporting cast based reservation.

9. May 26: Resident doctor’s strike
Resident doctors of LLRM Medical college went on indefinite strike. Health services were severly affected .24hrs Parallel OPDs were run by striking medicos.The patients were given free medications and a majority of them voluntarily signed the oath paper against caste based reservation.
In the evening mass mobilization campaigns were held in prime locations of the city including PVS Mall. People were distributed the oath pamphlets and asked for their feed back.

10. May 27 :Buddhi shuddhi Yagna

Buddhi shuddhi Yagna for brain dialysis of the Govt was organized.
Strike continued.
11. May 28 : Mega Candle Light March
A mega candle light vigil was organized jointly by IMA and students from LLRMMC,SIMS,CCSU,Eng colleges,Vyapar Mandal and various social organizations from IMA Hall to “Shaheed Smarak”.
The same day, students of Sofia Girls College and other schools moved on streets in the protest
The Hunger Strike and parallel OPDs continued.

12. May 29 : Blood Signature Campaign
More than 200 students,doctors took part in Blood signature campaign to show their anguish towards the unrelenting govt, and warned the Government to roll back the proposed reservation.
Hunger strike continued.

13. May 30: Students Served Drinking Water
Students served drinking water in the scorching heat at Bhainsali Bus Stand and requested the passengers to come forward in the support of protesting students.Meanwhile the oath pamphlets were signed by the passengers.
ike and parallel OPDs continued as before.

14. May 31: Street play and Subharti (SIMS) goes on strike
In the morning Subharti medical college also called on the strike and Delhi-Dehradun Highway was blocked.
LLRMMC students performed street plays at various places in the city (Abu Lane,Sadar Bazar,Civil Lines).

The strike was called off the same night following the decision of Delhi chief comrades in respect of order by “Honorable Supreme Court Of India”.